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Qingming Festival
(Tomb-sweeping Day)

April 4th or 5th of the Gregorian calendar


one of the Chinese Twenty-four Solar Terms


From that date temperatures begin to rise and rainfall increases


the crucial time for plowing and sowing in the spring 


Origin  故事起源


 It is said that the Qingming Festival was originally held to commemorate Jie Zitui, a loyal man who lived during the Spring and Autumn Period. Jie cut a piece of meat from his own leg in order to save his hungry lord who was forced to flee from his own country. 

Later, when the lord regained his position, he forgot about Jie Zitui’s sacrifice. However, after being reminded, he felt ashamed and decided to reward the loyal man, but Jie had hidden in a mountain with his mother. In order to find Jie, the lord ordered that the mountain be set on fire. 

Unfortunately, Jie was found dead with his mother. In order to commemorate the day of his death, the lord declared the date to be Hanshi (Cold Food) Festival — the day that only cold food can be eaten.

A year later, when the lord went to the mountain to commemorate Jie’s death, he found the burned willows had revived, so he gave instructions that the day after Hanshi Festival was to be Qingming Festival. Eventually, the two festivals were combined into one.




Traditional Customs
Tomb Sweeping   掃墓

cleaning the tomb


paying respect to the dead person with offerings (including a variety of food, fruits, drinks and flowers)


Spring Outing

Not only is it a day for commemorating the dead, but it is also a time for people to enjoy themselves.


Flying Kites

Flying kites is also closely associated with the Qingming Festival. 


Spring outings not only add joy to life but also promote a healthy mind and body.



Cold Food Festival    寒食節

Day of sacrifice    祭祀節日

Condolence    哀悼之情

Hell note/Joss paper    紙錢

Mourning ceremony    哀悼儀式

Offer sacrifices to ancestors    祭祖/上供

Funeral supplies/products    殯葬用品

Funeral services    殯葬服務業

Mortician    殯儀業者

Burn incense    焚香

Tomb-sweeping    掃墓

Tomb sweeper    掃墓的人

Monument       紀念碑

Online funeral     網上葬禮

Online tribute    網上悼念

Cremation urn    骨灰盒

Inhumation    土葬

Cremation    火葬

Sea burial    海葬

Tree burial    樹葬

Celestial burial    天葬

Boat-coffin burial    船棺葬

National mourning    全國哀悼

National mourning day    全國哀悼日

Willow branches inserted on each gate  門旁插柳

Filial piety 孝順;孝心



清  明








A drizzling rain falls like tears on the Mourning Day

The mourner's heart is going to break on his way. 

Where can a wineshop be found to drown his sad hours?

A cowherd points to a cot 'mid apricot flowers.


It drizzles thick and fast on the Mourning Day, 

The mourner travels with his heart lost in dismay.  

When asked for a wineshop to kill his gloomy time, 

 A cowboy points at Almond Hamlet far away.


The ceaseless drizzle drips all the dismal day,

So broken-hearted fares the traveler on the way.

When asked where could be found at avern bower,

Acow boy points to yonder village of the apricot flower.


It drizzles endless during the rainy season in spring,

Travelers along the road look gloomy and miserable.

When I ask a shepherd boy where I can find a tavern,

He points at a distant hamlet nestling amidst apricot blossoms.


It drizzles thick and fast on the Pure Brightness Day,

I travel with my heart lost in dismay.

'Is there a public house somewhere, cowboy?'

He points at Apricot Village faraway.


The rain falls thick and fast on All Souls' Day,

The men and women sadly move along the way.

They ask where wineshops can be found or where to rest ----

And there the herdboy's fingers Almond-Town suggest.


Upon theClear-and-Bright Feast of spring, the rain drizzleth down in spray.

Pedestrians on countryside ways, in gloom are pinning away. 
When asked 'Where a tavern fair for rest, is hereabouts to befound', 
The shepherd boy the Apricot Bloom Vill, doth point to afar and say.

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